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concreted By Arash Davar

Contrasted White

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Description:These white concrete earrings are flat white with visible grains of sand on the surface. Its industrial roughness and gentle color is presented with stark contrast to the beautiful matte black Niobium . The sandy, white concrete is smooth with occasional cavities from air pockets. The design and materials used to make this pair of earrings are a match for any attire, though they present themselves in a casual manner. All of our jewelry is 100% hand-made from start to the end. As a result, each item is different and no two items are identical. You can expect the earrings to have natural imperfections as a result from the sand used and air bubbles in the cement mixture.This is part of the allure with these materials. We find beauty in these imperfections and hope you will also.

NOTE: All the jewelries are made of concrete (cement, sand, pigment, aggregate) and are fully designed and handmade in our studio. 
Earrings are matched, but if you prefer a mismatching pair, please do contact us. This can be arranged without price change. Custom orders can be made upon request with changes to texture, color, shape and type of metal used.

Specification (Approximately): 

    • Length: 35 mm
    • Weight: 9.27 gr/0.020 lb  
    • Hook: Niobium ear-wire with ball, matte black
    • Box and packaging: comes with branded gift box and message card