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concreted By Arash Davar


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These elegant earrings feature a mosaic concrete ball, gently hanging on a sterling silver chain. They are simple in their elements and design, but make a charming statement. This is part of our Terrazzo Collection, a series of handmade, colorful concrete mosaic jewelry. 

You can expect the earrings to have natural imperfections as a result from the sand used and air bubbles in the cement mixture. This is part of the allure with these materials. We find beauty in such imperfections and hope you will also.

Item will be shipped beautifully packaged, as shown on the last picture of the listing with a tracking number.

Designed and created in Berlin, Germany by Arash Davar. 

Specification (Approximately):
Length:  75mm
Weight:  2g each
Material: Concrete | Sterling Silver 925