The Story

Concreted by Arash Davar was shaped and molded, from a hobby in the corner of my kitchen. That was long ago and in the passing time, I played with the cement, sand and everything else that could be added. I experimented and learned how this basic material reacts so uniquely in different conditions. In Berlin, where our studio is located, inspiration surrounds me in the wearing and weathering of the structures around me - many which have stood here for a hundred years or more.

The beautiful thing about concrete is that the final product can be given different characteristics, shapes, textures and colors. When using it to make handmade jewelry, no two pieces can ever really be the same.

The possibilities with concrete are absolutely limitless. And so my hobby has become a way for me to see and share the world around me.

What started as experimental has become a fine tuned process to create unique and unmatched, high quality accessories that are wearable across all trends. 

And no, the earrings are not heavy.