Concreted by arash davar, jewelry box, gift box, luxury box

Her majesty, The Box!

Paper, colors & boxes; Paper, colors & boxes; Paper, colors & boxes 

I never thought choosing a box for a product would be such a difficult task - well, it can be easy if you can freely pay for a designer and an A-grade print house to make them for you. But in our reality, we had to manage it ourselves.

Luckily, Sativa studied graphic design but the problem was that she has a full time job and after work she returns exhausted. Therefore, it was all me and guess what? I'm the furthest thing from a designer with absolutely no skills or knowledge in this matter. 

With a trial version of Adobe Illustrator, I started drawing lines, making text boxes, losing layers behind invisible lays; oh my god, why on earth is this software so complicated? I previously enjoyed the simplicity of Canva and made a logo quick and easy... now do it again in Illustrator - my first lesson in graphic design Everything in Adobe, my second lesson Manage my layers. Nevertheless, the logo has been translated into the language of graphic design.

And so the next challenge approached, BOX! If you only knew how many box makers, paper sellers, designers, printers I've visited, called, messaged, fought with. But then, there was a light at the end of the tunnel, and her name is Yew-Yew. I think I could actually write for hours about this woman, working out of her house, providing hand-made boxes for so many in Kuala Lumpur (one of those precious boxes made it's way to Barack Obama when he visiting Malaysia). Last minute and with limited design ideas from me, Yew-Yew crafted 100 boxes that carried Concreted by Arash Davar earrings and necklaces, carefully and securely.

And thus, the product is ready to be sold - well protected and ready for shipment.